Feeling right at home, mule deer climb onto the deck for corn, bird seed, dog food, or anything else they might find!


Red fox appear frequently to amuse the guests.


Not too startled to give up dinner, this neighborly porcupine finishes his meal.


"Molly" mule deer poses sweetly for a picture.

With 18 acres of naturally wooded private land bordering on the Encampment River, Spirit West is a virtual wildlife preserve. From grazing along the driveway to begging for food on the porch, the mule deer seem to be everywhere! Accustomed to seeing visitors regularly, these beautiful animals are quite tame; some are hand-fed and even allow guests to pet them.

Red fox also frequent the area. In fact, Lynn had a pet fox named "Kit-Kit" that she played with frequently. Although one day "Prince Charming" came along and Kit-Kit disappeared, other red fox still visit the lodge — to the delight of the guests.

Raccoons and porcupine are also among the welcome callers, appearing every evening to dine on the deck from whatever Lynn might serve them.

It's a rare but seemingly natural mix of people and wildlife who share Spirit West, making a stay here all the more fun and memorable. There's no denying that this is a most unique B&B — hosting not only people but animals as well!

Lynn hand-feeds a herd of tame deer, which are a constant delight
at Spirit West.

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