Buffalo skull trimmed with Indian feathers sets the tone for this enchanting room.


Original Navajo sand-painting enhances the Indian decor.


Wooly buffalo skin rugs soften and warm the floor between two double beds.



Medicine Man fur bonnet -- just one of many curious artifacts that guests of the Buffalo Room enjoy.

THE BUFFALO ROOM is the most imaginative room at Spirit West. From the feathered buffalo skulls to the Medicine Man's bonnet, this unique room challenges visitors to sort fact from fiction — and enjoy the creativity.

Two quilted double beds offer guests a great night's sleep, while buffalo skin rugs provide an extra layer of warmth to the floor below.

Dual entrances allow direct access to both the interior of the main lodge and to the large deck outside, which overhangs the scenic Encampment River.

From history to mystery, the feathers and fur in this room leave a lot to the imagination!

Original oil paintings by R.G. Finney, displayed with buffalo and Indian artifacts, furnish the Buffalo Room in a most creative way.


A custom bath features vividly colored moss rock, hand-selected from this part of Wyoming. The private bath includes a shower and double vanity.

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