Lynn and R.G. Finney


Spirit West private drive

Married in 1965, Lynn and R.G. Finney moved back from Texas to Wyoming in 1980. "Our dream was to come back and build this place because of the aesthetic value, and over the years we began to wish we could share it with others." That's how the Bed and Breakfast dream began; and the dreaming has never stopped, as Lynn and R.G. are continually improving and expanding their beautiful Spirit West.

Lynn Finney was born in Wyoming — right in this area --and is proud to be a 3rd generation Innkeeper: Great Aunt Lena owned the Bond Hotel in Encampment, WY and was married to "G-String Jack," a stagecoach driver in the early 1900's; Grandmother, Dixie, ran "Forest Edge Ranch," a guest ranch in the nearby vicinity of Battle Lake; and Lynn's mother and father operated a hunting lodge in this same area of Wyoming. Lynn's interests include cycling, skiing, snowshoeing and, yes . . . she loves to cook!


Born in Ontario, Canada, R.G. Finney is an ex-Green Beret, decorated seven times in Vietnam. Along with "building and keeping the inn," R.G. has devoted much of his life to developing his natural artistic talents, and today he is recognized as one of America's premier wildlife and western artists. Complementing the western and Indian decor, many of his oils and bronzes are displayed and sold at Spirit West. R.G. enjoys the great outdoors, traveling and "beaches," which are sadly lacking in Wyoming!

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